by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

As we look to Health Datapalooza 2015, poised to launch this Sunday in Washington, DC, I’ve had occasion to look back at some of our work from prior ‘paloozas’.

Here is one of my absolute favorites on many levels. The context and content of this exchange between these two awesome people (who happen to be husband and wife) is a window into the ‘what’s at stake’ in this struggle towards patient centered, collaborative, holistic and affordable care in large part enabled by health informatics.


One of the many interviews we were privileged to produce at Health Datapalooza IV is a remarkable exchange between husband and wife, Ross Martin MD (@rossmartin ), physician, medical informaticist, musician and Kym Martin (@kymlmartin ) ‘ a 30 year, 3x cancer survivor’ and certified nutrition & fitness consultant.

It’s increasingly clear that in the digital health and information age amidst an ADD culture and serial ‘filter failure’ (vs firehose overload), ‘content is king’. But content absent both context and a clear, timely and relevant narrative is likely to add more noise and thus the continuing search for more effective content filters. Well, consider @HIBCtv a filter and do yourself a favor and watch this interview.


When Ross and Kym showed up in the media center for the interview, as producer and director of the segment and not knowing Kym’s story my initial reaction was ‘what’s this about’? A husband interviewing his wife? How potentially unrelated to the innovation narrative can this get? Man, was I wrong…. mea culpa!

Do watch this clip! It is a powerful message on multiple levels, on-point to the health datapalooza theme and bonuses us with authentic expressions of the power of love between a man and his life partner – who in her own right is a graceful yet persuasive spokesperson and advocate for patient centered care, including her journey into holistic and integrative medicine practices.

Kym you are a gift! And Ross you model for the rest of us ‘XY types’, what a real man looks, sounds and acts like. Thank you brother for the continuing demonstration.

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