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Validation Matters – Episode 1: RD Whitney CEO Validation Institute

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Health Innovation Media is pleased to announce the launch of the inaugural private labelled podcast series titled ‘Validation Matters‘.

Validation Matters is sponsored by Validation Institute, a membership organization dedicated to drive demand for high-value healthcare across the industry. Validation Institute (VI) is made up of a network of healthcare vendors, health benefits advisors, and purchaser benefit managers focused on delivering better health value and stronger outcomes than conventional healthcare. VI’s validation and certification programs ‘make it easier f or employers to find high-value health care solutions’.

In episode I of ‘Validation Matters“, RD WhitneyCEO of Validation Institute discusses the genesis of the company, and how VI works to enable healthcare purchasers to buy smart while enabling the triple aim.

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The 35th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference Is ‘Open’ for Business

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

The public portal for registration and access to all #JPM17 events that are scheduled for webcasting and select Q&A’s is NOW open for business.

                                       Click to Register

Registration to this content rich streaming (which many other events charge hefty fees for) is free and easy and includes the agenda, keynotes, associated slide series, presenting companies (both private and emerging), including a favorite of mine the ‘non-profit’ track.

The reporting non-profit companies, many of whom have for profit venture companies and JVs include select trophy integrated delivery systems (IDNs) who are more often than not the defacto ‘uptake gatekeepers’ for innovation whether digital health, biotech, pharma, medical device or other delivery system and even financing innovation (think value based healthcare, bundles and ‘APMs’).

These trophy health systems discuss their market position, strategy, partnering and headwinds is a must follow event! The content is also TIME LIMITED, so the links will expire withing 60 days +/- of the close of the conference.

JP Morgan Healthcare Conference Hashtags ‘Official’ vs. ‘Unofficial’

It’s worthy to note, this year JP Morgan has weighed into the social media scene via publishing an ‘official‘ hashtag for the venue as #JPMHC35.

Since Health Innovation Media has registered the unofficial‘ hashtag for 3 of the last 4 years, it noteworthy to see this ‘awakening‘. In all likelihood since JP Morgan Healthcare Conference is the defacto ‘anchor tenant‘ for what has become a much larger gathering including the BioTech Showcase, StartUp Health Festival, Health 2.0’s Wintertech Investor Conference and OneMed Forum including many others too numerous to mention, it will be interesting to see if the official hashtag gains traction from the ‘unruly‘ social media community.

Event Context

There are lots of eyeballs on JPM7 via print and online media. Here are a few we’ve found which may be of interest to you:

JPM17 Event Guides

There is so much going on that the ability to ‘clone’ oneself would be desireable. Absent that ability the next best thing are the ‘event guides’ published by various third parties including Big3Bio, MacDougall Biomedical Communications and Deloitte M&A. Click on icons below to open the respective guide.

Bottom Line

There will be something for everybody at JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. The venue is not exclusive to the life sciences, biotech and pharma verticals. Following the webcasts remotely or sessions in person will allow you to access and learn from many of the presenting companies, typically market leaders in their space and include 501(c)3 non-profit health systems (Baylor Scott and White, Ascension Health, Sutter Health and Dignity Health) to publically traded health plans, including:  HealthNet now Centene, Aetna, and United Health Group.

Considering the range and depth of activities underway, and the many hashtags in play you may want to follow include: #DigMedShow #SUHFestival, #Wintertech #BiotechShowcase, #OneMedForum. Please add yours in the comment section!



#Health2con: The Fall Classic About to Gather in Santa Clara for 10th Year

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Health Innovation Media has been covering Health 2.0 aka the ‘grandaddy of the health innovation movement‘ conferences since 2009 – and have the T-shirts and media badges to prove it. Before the flood of ‘me too’ gatherings which shall remain nameless to protect the guilty (you know who you are!) there was and remains this vibrant now global community of innovators, visionaries and risk takers.

In honor of it’s 10 the anniversary I decided to pull a piece together featuring my colleague and co-host Douglas Goldstein aka @eFuturist. While not captured at Health 2.0, this clip is from the mHealth Summit 2015 re-branded as the Connected Health Summit. This is vintage Doug (industry expert, operator and keynote speaker) and what exhibitors can expect if we show up at your booth!

Ping either of us on twitter if you have a product, platform or process that materially moves the needle in a way, i.e., enables the triple aim, whether app, platform, business model or service.

The hashtag for the event is #health2con. Make sure you tag your tweets appropriately!



The Great Debate: Telemedicine and the Lonestar State

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH


Last year Reed Tuckson, MD (@DrReedTuckson), newly installed President of the American Telemedicine Association (@AmericanTelemed) spoke with my colleague and co-host at Health Innovation Media Nick Adkins, MBA (@NickReelDx), Chief Operating Officer, ReelDx (@ReelDx), an asynchornous provider of telehealth services, indicating:

Not only is the time now [for Telemedicine], but now is our time! Reed Tuckson, MD

As we’re poised for the 2016 gathering of ATA in Minneapolis, the session above perhaps frames best the key regulatory headwinds Telemedicine and Telehealth providers face in at least three states in the U.S. before the service can be mainstreamed into medicine.

Considering this industry has been incubating at least since the 70s, the path in not yet clear and issues remain including the value proposition relative to the tripartite triple aim as well as a litany of safety, security and reliability concerns. Additionally the Teladoc v. Texas Medical Board lawsuit enables a unique lens into which many of these issues can be defined, vetted and perhaps resolved. Further the initial public reporting of this market leading Telehealth provider, see: ‘Must Listen JP Morgan Healthcare Conference Webcasts: Teladoc‘ enables key results reporting and provides further context on the industry and its maturation.

Finally for ATA’s 2016 update see ‘State Telemedicine Gap Analysis: Coverage and Reimbursement‘.





Care Innovations Hackfest 2015

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

The San Francisco Bay Area including it’s cousin to the South (Silicon Valley) is indisputably a vibrant cluster of tech innovation including an active cohort of startups chasing the promise of digital health apps, platforms and ‘consciousness’ to salvage a health system perilously at risk of implosion and enable the ‘triple aim’ – better experience of care, better health outcomes at lower per capita costs.

From the Health 2.0 Fall Conference to the UCSF Center for Digital Health Innovation to the patient centric and according to HealthLoop co-founder Jordan Shlain MDthe premier conference for healthcare‘, Stanford based Medx.

Enter Care Innovations (follow on twitter via @CareInnovations) an Intel Health and Life Sciences /GE healthcare joint venture who’s sponsoring later this month ‘CIHACKFEST 2015’ on the campus of Stanford University’s Institute for Economic Policy Research.

Hack-a-thons, code-a-thons, competition or challenge oriented gatherings of like minded people determined to make a difference in the financing, delivery and even the aging insurance model of U.S. healthcare are gathering to enable healthcare disruptor’s present, define, refine, collaborate and pitch their ideas to a panel of judges, mentors, industry executives and a potential network of channel if not financing partners.


Health Innovation Media principals including yours truly and my colleague and co-host Douglas Goldstein aka @eFuturist will be on site to capture, cover and amplify the event’s content, energy and principal themes. We’ll be interviewing key faculty, session leaders, team members and organizers of CIHACKFEST 2015 and posting images – possibly a periodic Periscope stream over the 2 1/2 day experience.

According to Care Innovations:

The Intel-GE Care Innovations Hackfest is a 2 ½ day event that challenges teams to come together to tackle some of healthcare’s most challenging problems. This year’s challenge is to ‘Redefine the Care Team’ by creating tools and solutions that help to enable collaboration between hospital, physicians, and those vested in patient outcomes.

For a taste of last year’s gathering check out the clip below:

The program agenda is here. Last year’s hackfest theme was ‘patient engagement’ and is recapped here.



The hashtag for twitter engagement is #CIHF15 and the digital dashboard is accessible here including key influencers top mentions, and reach (impression) metrics as well as a settings to pull single day or venue total session transcript.

The keynote line-up includes both and Paul Kusserown, President and CEO of Amedysis and Lynne McCullough MD, Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, UCLA Medical Center.

While the event is sold out, you can add your name to the wait-list in the event slots open up.




Cinderblocks2: The Partnership With Patients Continues From Grantsville Maryland

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Described by none other than Regina Holliday herself to be the ‘Burning Man for healthcare disruptors’ this event will draw a determined gathering of ‘skin in the game’ participants from e-patients, to health wonks and even some clinicians.

For a preview of Cinderblocks2 including the motivation and history behind the event click here.

More to be added as the ‘real time’ schedule unfolds. Follow via twitter and engage with us via hashtag #cinderblocks2.



HiMSS 2015 a 206 Second Tour!

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Producing relevant, timely and quality digital content – whether word (blog, website or micro-blogging aka twitter), video (recorded or live) or audio (live or podcasted) takes both time and commitment.

In the vast healthcare ecosystem – sometimes affectionately referred to as ‘the healthcare borg’ – there seems to be an endless stream of conferences perhaps tethered at some level to the hierarchical structure of organized (some might say dis-organized) medicine as reflected by the 24 member American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS), which slices and dices the attention span of it medical labor pool and in turn drives the culture and chasis of the medical industrial complex from doc to lab technologist.

Graft onto this multi-layered structure the many overlapping if not cross silo interests associated with the likes of digital medicine, telemedicine or telehealth, genomic medicine, precision medicine, health information technology or ‘mHealth’ and you add volumes to the digital rivers created by conference organizers each clamoring for relevance in their chosen space.

I had intended to author several takeaway pieces wrapped around the many interviews we conducted at HiMSS 2015, but time and competing interests elsewhere have precluded my ability to deliver at least to this point in time.

The interviews will be produced and published over time, but in the gap here is a 206 second tour of HiMSS 2015 with many cameo appearances of social media savvy participants including many I am honored to call friends.

Cameo appearances @RasuShrestha @HealthyThinker @eFuturist @Ahier @HealthcareWen @WestShell3 @PhilMarshallMD @Validic @JeanAnneBooth @UnaliWear @Ascension @Cerner @DrNic1 @SJDMD and more.



HiMSS 2015: A Context Lens from HiMSS 2013

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

When we launched at HiMSS 2013 one of the services provided was live streaming from the
The Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in N’olans, a feed that generated over 270,000 viewer minutes and a clip retention average of 17 minutes. So I thought if looking forward and gaging the present is assisted by ‘where we’ve come from’ especially in a 24/7/365 sound byte media economy, then taking a look back might serve some useful purpose. Ergo, I repost the live feed below. Watch as many of your favorite social media personalities engage thought leaders in the continuing conversation of both the upside and lingering challenges associated with a new healthcare ecosystem leveraged by the promise of ubiquitous electronic connectivity. Bottom-line? We’re not there yet, but progress can be cited.


Enjoy this feed and use it as a contextual benchmark or reference to vet the ‘output’ generated via the updated gathering in Chicago beginning April 12th – 16th 2015.

Thanks to my colleagues who enabled this content for public access principally Nate DiNiro aka @uncleNate of @OpenAffairs TV!

For history and the genesis of Health Innovation Media see: ‘5 Days in March: A Tale of Independent Media Passion, Determination and Agility which lays out the vision and collaboration including the ‘three shoestrings’ of massive sweat equity it took to launch the enterprise.

And from the ‘About’ tab:

HIBCtv is an independent association of journalists, media producers & bloggers laying the foundation for a sustainable, independent health innovation channel.

‘We’ve joined forces to organize and produce quality programming, and we launched at the HIMSS 2013 Conference and Exhibition in New Orleans Louisiana! Coverage of the healthcare industry and major health information technology conferences is forthcoming… especially with your support! We’re laying the foundation to make HIBC.tv a sustainable, independent media and broadcast resource.t Lens from HiMSS 2013.’

Three years later we’re still going principally on the horse power and vision of Douglas Goldstein aka @efuturist and yours truly aka @2healthguru. My founding colleagues are busy elsewhere being useful to the cause of re-engineering a healthcare ecosystem that works for all of us!





Lown’s In Town

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Shannon Brownlee 2013 National Healthcare Innovation SummitI’ve been following the Lown Institute since shortly after chatting with Shannon Brownlee at the Healthcare Innovation Summit in Washington, D.C. in 2013 which ran concurrently with the ACO Summit.

As press covering the event for @ACOwatch, I asked Shannon for an interview as a result of watching her interview on Escape Fire the documentary about America’s healthcare ‘borg’.  Shannon graciously granted the interview below:

A side note, I was not able to publish the edited video of this exchange due to a sea of competing priorities for a start-up in the health reform and emerging transformational healthcare economy.

So when I saw Lown coming to town (i.e., San Diego), I dove back into the narrative that serves as both context and oxygen for the mission of this determined ‘value oriented’ entity:

Lown Institute mission

What’s both tragic yet durable in this continuing conversation is: it’s 2015 and we’re still talking about the ‘whack-a-mole’ problems associated with a ‘purchase order’ driven healthcare eco-system yet to find and promulgate a ‘systemic remedy’.

And the fact the ‘we kill our best’ certainly in metaphoric terms which applies to some of the credible voices in that ‘over treatment’ and imploding house of cards healthcare non system narrative – particularly as articulated by a national treasure who somehow didn’t rise to the level of ‘credentialed standing’ to be honored with the title ‘permanent’ Director of the Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services – none other than Donald Berwick, MD (one of my ‘truth to power’ heroes).

To both frame and stage the narrative and seemingly intractable challenge, watch the trailer from the 2012 movie ‘Escape Fire’ which where I first learned of Shannon Brownlee:

Meanwhile, fast forward to 2015 and examine the flare at this ambitious yet well ‘staffed’ gathering:

Lown Institute Kickoff San Diego

The complete agenda for the conference is available here. Also you can follow the conference ‘digital dashboard’ via hashtag #Lown2015 for tweets, analytics and digital reach of the conference as well.

I plan on attending the event on Tuesday and Wednesday with my colleague and Health Innovation Media co-host, Douglas Goldstein aka @efuturist.

If you are faculty, organizer or underwiter of the conference and you want to spend some ‘camera time’ with us, ping me on twitter via @2healthguru, or drop me a line via gregg(at)healthinnovationmedia(dot)com.

Remember, it ‘takes a village’ to reform our healthcare borg.

Meanwhile join the Lown Institute and sign the ‘declaration’ for the ‘RightCare’ movement here.


JP Morgan 2015: Strategic Tea Leaves from the Non-Profit Track

By Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Most who follow the JP Morgan Healthcare extravaganza search for clues to short, long term or even nano second high frequency trading equity plays – witness the flurry of pre-event ‘news’ releases, ‘how to follow’ the event tomes, preferred ‘investment themes’, and ‘what to expect’ guides, etc. Yet from my perspective the ‘below the radar’ value from this gathering is the strategic insight to be gleaned from the trophy and lesser known 501(c)3 or their derivative for profit JVs or affiliates sharing their vision, approach and results to a market with tectonic shifts in its midst.JP Morgan Non Profit Track Companies

Trophy nameplates the likes of Kaiser Permanente, Cleveland Clinic, Ascension Health, Sutter Health, Advocate Health, and Intermountain Healthcare seed an impressive class of variably mature operators with varying relative success in the integrative delivery system and risk contracting and management theatre.

As ‘uptake gatekeepers’ if you will, for many of the innovations – whether HealthIT, biotech, biopharma or care delivery (population health, care management, etc.) related, these systems are excellent proxies for indicia if not the profile of granular value adds enabling a sustainable healthcare ecosystem.

The rapid proliferation of ‘innovation centers’ organized under ‘Chief Innovation Officers’ with line operational authority and a mission to disrupt legacy or ‘this is how we do it’ institutional inertia evidences the priority of the ‘triple aim’ in the healthcare C-suite.

Provider-led health plans: The next frontier—or the 1990s all over again?

As you watch and/or listen to some of these reports (including that which is NOT said), consider the following recent report issued by Mckinsey as it drills into the macro environment as well as the operating weeds of health systems pursuing an ‘integration strategy’ via acquiring or building a health plan group in its operating portfolio. The timely report is titled: ‘Provider-led health plans: The next frontier—or the 1990s all over again?’

Getting it ‘right’ this time may be the last ‘kiss at the apple’ to salvage the public/private partnership  as principal host of the U.S. health system. How these systems vision, structure and pursue the triple aim, i.e.,  better care, better outcomes at lower per capita cost will in larger measure determine the industry’s collective success.

As noted by one of the report authors:

‘This is clearly a segment we should be paying attention to…There has been a lot of discussion wondering if the market is just a repeat of the 1990s… I think time will tell, but there are three or four reasons why I think it could be different than the 1990s.’  Gunjan Khanna, PhD

For additional context if not insight from an ACO or accountable care perspective, see: ‘Universal American: No Where in Sight at JP Morgan Healthcare Conference 2015’.