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Finally! @ONC_HealthIT & @CMSgov ‘Drop’ Interoperability & Empowerment Regs #NPRM

Bt Gregg A. Masters, MPH & Fred Goldstein, MS

At the @HIMSS pre-conference NHIT Summit this morning, the National Coordinator for HealthIT Donald Rucker, MD, (follow via @donrucker) broke news at the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) in Orlando, Florida.

While the community expected the Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) ‘might drop during HIMSS, Fred and I were happy to witness and document this long expected regulatory proposal.

Later in the morning Peter Ashkenaz, Director of Media Affairs at Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), released the following fact sheet‘.

Enjoy the raw footage!


In Memoriam: ‘UnicornJess’

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH


Ross Martin’s touching song honoring the life of Jess Jacobs inspired committing his music to a photo mashup of Jess’ s short but impactful life. I hope this rendition provides the family with some solace given the tragic loss of their brave and amazing daughter.

The piece is developed with deepest sadness to the family, but in gratitude for the opportunity to have known this beautiful soul.

NOTE: There is movement in play for a permanent honoring of Jess and her mission to make healthcare more patient centered and accountable especially for the ‘Unicorns’ among us, i.e., rare disease or idiopathic conditions particularly when more than one rare condition piles on the patient and the provider community leans into the ‘not my problem‘ (NMP) mode. One expression is the creation of the blog UnicornJess (coming soon). More to come shortly.

For more on Jess see: RIP Jess Jacobs including her interview at xx in health 2013 in Washington, D.C. and just several articles or blog posts honoring her life.



HealthOvate Chicago: What’s It All About?

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

As far as I can tell, the Internet fueled innovation culture generically launched in earnest with the arrival of the ‘un-conference‘ amidst ‘web 2.0’ fueled conversations. An un-conference is:

an ad-hoc [experience] born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from attendees‘.

Here participants (there are no spectators) generate a collaborative agenda of topical breakout sessions from multimedia to round-table style presentations imbued with a ‘vote with your feet‘ process and expectation. Initially expressed as ‘BarCamp‘ (mostly a bunch of tech developer and hacker types) the health[care] strain was launched under the HealthCamp moniker.

Then in 2007 the  albeit not an un-conference venue per se Health 2.0 convened as ‘first mover’ and the go-to healthTech industry showcase leveraging ‘web 2.0’ apps, platforms and service models into the health, wellness and healthcare space. Shortly thereafter a ‘piling on’ of sorts began to pepper the landscape of ‘innovation’ or ‘disruption’ enabling venues from the Digital Health Summit to TEDMED and HealthTech Conference. There are so many ‘digital health’ or healthTech innovation types venues these days it’s hard to choose let alone focus on where one might access the kind of information and collaborative support sought.

HealthOvate2Add to the mix the growing number of health oriented startup incubators, accelerators (Rock Health, BluePrint Health, HealthBox, StartUp Health, etc.) and the litany of ‘innovation’ efforts now domiciled at the institutional level whether health system or academia and you begin to get a sense of the prevalence of this mandate both domestically and globally. Basically, the race is on to enable the ‘triple aim’ – better experience of care, better health outcomes at lower per capita costs.

Enter HealthOvate, a unique forum of integrating a crowd sourced (semi un-conference-esque) gene-pool with an activated facilitation agent amidst a talented pool of determined innovators and you get to a somewhat gently structured hybrid of these two powerful currents.

For more information about HealthOvate Chicago or to register, click here.

For more information on the Xavier Center for Innovation (@XavierInnov8) or it’s core partner Care Innovations (@CareInnovations), click here and here.

Can’t make it to Chicago, follow via HealthOvate digital dashboard or via tweets tagged #healthovate on Monday, October 5th, 2015.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by HealthOvate.




Cinderblocks2: The Partnership With Patients Continues From Grantsville Maryland

by Gregg A. Masters, MPH

Described by none other than Regina Holliday herself to be the ‘Burning Man for healthcare disruptors’ this event will draw a determined gathering of ‘skin in the game’ participants from e-patients, to health wonks and even some clinicians.

For a preview of Cinderblocks2 including the motivation and history behind the event click here.

More to be added as the ‘real time’ schedule unfolds. Follow via twitter and engage with us via hashtag #cinderblocks2.



Exponential Medicine: Meet Lucien Engelen

By Gregg A. Masters MPH

‘There is no box…’ Lucien Engelen

There are a couple of threads that motivate this post.

First so much of the health innovation or system re-engineering conversation (if not hype) that plays out in health wonk, policy or even the nascent though expanding digital health innovation stakeholder universe is rather ‘U. S. Centric.’ Yet, solving the cost, quality and access conundrum in holistic (systemic) and sustainable terms is not solely a U.S. concern. Covering and providing high quality health services to whole populations is a challenge for ALL countries and their enabling private interests based on their model of blending public and private participation.

In this Exponential Medicine 2014 deeper dive interview at one of the best ‘immersive’ health innovation experiences of all (Note: for 2014 I covered some 24 major healthcare conferences based on my badge collection), I missed the very important distinction made by Lucien Engelen, the Director of the REshape Innovation Center at Radboud Universty Medical Center. As interviewer I was trying to elicit his cross cultural take on the seemingly more ‘patient centered’ nature and thus approach in the Netherlands (vs. the U.S.). To my somewhat surprise Engelen notes:

‘I don’t know, luckily its spreading all over the world. I don’t think its cultural based. It’s ignited by the need. We’ve got to change the model…. which is not sustainable: huge healthcare demands, declining budgets, shortage of skilled personnel, we’ve got to do something….  if you could also use the biggest resources in healthcare [the patient’s themselves as @epatientDave always states] that could bring great value I think.’ 

The key takeaway was at least at REshape and perhaps as proxy for the wider Dutch culture, they’ve progressed beyond ‘patient centered’ innovation favoring care based innovation that partners with patients’. This might explain Engelen’s stated purpose for creating REshape, which is:

‘to harness the convergence of of technology at one end and patient empowerment on the other side…’

This is a fascinating man with a determined conviction to source answers and innovation globally as well as share the insights and ‘partnership values’ REshape is incorporating into their ‘incubation cell’ at Radboud University Medical Center.

Follow Lucien on twitter via @LucienEngelen as well as the REshape Center via @REshape.