HiMSS 2013 in New Orleans

At the 2013 gathering of the Health Information Management Systems Society (HiMSS) annual meeting in New Orleans, HealthInnovation Media live-streamed 30+ interviews from multiple venues including a ‘Health 2.0 Hour‘ walkthrough of the exhibition hall. [NOTE: Our video feed generated in excess of 270,000 viewer minutes with an average retention of 17 minutes per clip viewed].

Below are several ‘raw and unedited’ interviews with some of the entrepreneurs, thought leaders and faculty presenting at the conference.

Denise Basow, MD, Vice President, General Manager and Editor-in-Chief of Up To Date (@UpToDate):

A ‘Health 2.0 Floor Tour of the Exhibition Hall with @BoltyBoy aka Mat Holt:

The HiMSS Exhibition floor is surpassed only by the massive footprint of the CES extravaganza in Las Vegas. Yet, the floor is almost the equivalent of walk down the ‘vegas strip.’ In this clip the Health 2.0 Co-founder and Health Care Blog instigator Matthew Holt aka @boltyboy moderator extraorinaire takes us on a tour of the hall and chats with several exhibitors considered representative of ‘health 2.0 companies.’ Enjoy!

We met up with HiMSS VP of Healthcare Information Systems Pat Wise @PatWise in the ‘Meaningul Use Experience’ section for a tour:

In the mHiMSS booth we met up with Ferdinand Velasco, MD aka @ftvelasco the CMIO of Texas Health Resources:

We discuss healthIT adoption, their joint venture ACO with North Texas Specialty Physicians aka @_ntsp_ Physicians and more.

On the steps at the NOLA House of Blues was none other than the mild mannered, soft spoken but right on point industry expert Neil Versel aka @nversel:

and his alter ego Jeff Donnell the CEO of No More Clipboard.

For complete HiMSS 2013 portfolio click here.

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